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MyMahotsav, Building the Tech Platform for Future for Faith and Festivals.

This site is under development, and in a stealth mode, developing a platform for global festivals evoking faith, and connecting friends for fun, food and photos…

The major functionalities planned:   event management for event hosts, advanced QR code ticket and attendee management system, a listing of all the local and global festivals searchable by location, photo competition, all supported by the community, and deep social connections.

The data on the site are all dummy, and only for testing purposes and the site is not commercially active. No order or transactions will be honoured.

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A great idea..
A great idea..
1 year ago

Hi, great idea.. the resurgent Hindus are a big market… to be tapped.

1 year ago

Thank you for bringing this to the market… for more like-minded people…